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Ian Wills

Poet, Lyricist, Musician, Frontman & Author

Ian's sometimes brutal, sometimes apocalyptic and at all times personal lyrics are known for knocking down doors. Together with a live show that ensures all that see it are left with a feeling tomorrow will be a better day for the night out they have just had. Never one to shy away from his many addictions and demons, when all is said and done Ian's drug of choice is life.

The Sunday Times Magazine described Ian as the 'Ian Dury of the 21st Century' in response Ian was quoted:

"If there is a book of 100,000 names of musicians, Ian Dury was page one and I was page 100,000, the fact I was in the same book as Ian Dury would be good enough for me'

"Peace, Love and whatever else rocks your boat'

Ian Wills