London Country

London Country

Imagine Clint Eastwood riding out of the desert into a one horse town, wiping the dust and sand from his sun weathered brow, the rattle of his spurs clinking on the salon floor, he leans on the bar and in a South London accent says "Do you have Lapsang Souchong" then you have London Country, the banks of the Cumberland River flowing gently into the River Thames.

London Country's sound is clear, their songs dig deep into the rich vein of the cinematic scope of the continual influences, sometimes brutal, sometimes apocalyptic and at all times personal lyrics that Ian "London" Wills is known for which now have the tears of his own hard earned music driven by Sean "Country" Genockey guitars that coupled with a vocal sound that is unique, understated, never hiding Ian's own imperfect pitched vulnerability that brings the stories to life.


Ian Wills

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Ian was one of the early pioneers of spoken word, his first commercial release was as the collaborative Hundred & 3 , being Ian and world renowned drummer and producer Trevor Morais and featured the late guitar legend Alvin Lee . Hundred & 3 only single "HIV" was released on One Little Indian

Ian is the founder of and the lyricist and Vocals behind Wills & The Willing

Ian has enjoyed support from Janice Long & wider airplay from Radio 2 , his lyrics have been championed by many including none other than the legendary Les Paul


Sean Genockey

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Sean Genockey can turn his hat to many talents. He's producer, engineer, song writer and guitarist, and in some cases, does it all at once - case in point: Moke. Sean has produced and mixed Reuben, Baddies, Jamie Lenman, Tom McRae and The Futureheads. Most recently, Sean has been working with some of the more unique & best artists coming out of the UK, including Jasmine Rodgers, The Sirens, Dumbjaw and LTNT.

Sean Is Founder of Red Racer and is a long term member of Wills & The Willing. In terms of collaborations, Sean has worked extensively with producers all over the world, namely Dave Eringa and Paul Stacey, as well as mixer Tim Palmer and Bob Clearmountain.

His reputation is well developed and respected.